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Is This Your Best Life?

By Ken Honda | Published July 27, 2023

Your perspective has a great influence on the way you show up in this world. I know I remind you often that your past also has an influence, but it is in the now that you can make the greatest changes. So what in your life do you see that needs changing? Are there any limiting beliefs that can be updated?

When you start the process of realigning your life, it’s a great idea to start with your present situation and reflect on the first time you may have noticed a similar pattern. Maybe your father was a hard worker, and now you are doing the same! It may be possible then that you both worked so hard that you don’t really get to enjoy life… So here is where an update may be needed.

Remember that the pressure from society will always push you further into logical thinking, but it is up to you to notice the subtle feelings you have about your circumstances. When you notice you have lost inspiration, be thankful! With this information, you will know it’s time to change something about the way you are spending your time and carve out a small portion of it to help you get inspired again!

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