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From Frustration to Freedom: Embracing New Modalities to Develop Financial Intelligence and Emotional Agency

By Ken Honda | Published July 28, 2023

Life’s journey can be a mix of challenges, transformations and joy. Frustration and doubt are inevitable aspects of your growth and developing adaptability. Learning to embrace the struggles and challenges is critical lesson in your personal, spiritual and financial development. Ultimately you want to have the intelligence to make productive and wise decisions. You can arrive at this place of wisdom when you’ve increased your emotional range, and become adept in exercising your emotional intelligence (EQ).

So, how do you practice emotional intelligence in the realm of finances?

Well, first you need to consider your mindset and your goals. If you notice your frustration stems from “not-having-enough” you need to take an inventory of your feelings – not your possessions. If you’re chasing more without being present with what you have, you will continue a cycle of frustration. Consider taking some time to meditate and reflect on how you feel about money as a concept. Ask yourself what you really want more of, and why. Be kind and honest, but most of all be patient and allow yourself to really BE with what comes up. If in this process you got a little uncomfortable, that’s ok – that just means a little more truth is bubbling up to the surface and you are making room for it. With practice, you will be able to withstand your initial impulses and stories about money or objects as an idea and end up understanding what feelings you want more of in your life. In this way you will move your mindset from being obsessed with what you don’t have, to becoming grateful for what you do have in abundance.

So, now that you’ve been practicing changing your mindset from scarcity to abundance through reflection and gratitude, everything will be easy now right?

Well, part of growth is that there will always be challenges and limits to move past. The winds of fortune follow their own path and we must stay grounded in our own relationship to our goals and dreams amidst these winds. Part of personal development is knowing when to start involving other modalities, other tools to help us dive deeper. This can be in the form of coaching, reading inspirational books, workshops and classes, courses, and retreats. Once you’ve established a basic gratitude practice, you can extend into other modalities and experiment with simple or complex ways of experiencing your life and finances. Feeling isolated, sign up for a retreat and learn to network with others around a shared topic. Feeling unsure of a path to choose, invite some conversation or coaching into your life. For every block to your flow of abundance and joy there is a lesson to access. 

A simple easy way to learn some of these lessons are through audio meditations. Recently I’ve teamed up with Learning Strategies to create a new course “The Happy Money Paraliminal” which uses audio meditative technology to help you absorb the lessons of Happy Money with ease. 

Embrace the journey and your flow will increase, just like your capacity for joy.

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