Community is a necessary part of living a Happy Money lifestyle

Community is one of the primary pillars of Happy money. I have created a private community where we can connect with topics, discussions and each other in our pursuit of a happy, joyous and balanced life based on the principals of Happy Money.

Hosted by

Ken Honda

Author of Happy Money:
The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money

Ken Honda is a bestselling self-development author in Japan, where he has sold more than eight million books since 2001.

In my Community, you will

Connect with others who are working to live in gratitude & generosity
Community is one of the primary pillars of Happy Money. When we have others on our journey to transformation, walking the path with us, we are significantly increasing our chances of success.
Discover more of my teachings
I have been mentored by some of the most wonderful people, successful people filled with generosity and kindness. It is important to me not to horde this wisdom and so I share it with whoever is interested. I have written over 50 books in Japanese covering topics from money and happiness, to advice on life goals and relationships, and many of my lessons will be presented through this community, private community Q&A’s, and my monthly topics.
Join monthly challenges

Growth and transformation does not occur in a resting state. To create healthy habits, your current habits and state of mind must be challenged. Each month I will present a new challenge that will help you shift your perspective and develop a more peaceful relationship with yourself, those around you, and your money.

Watch Interviews & Members Spotlights

Join me in discussions with some of the world’s leading transformational leaders. You will not only learn from my perspective, but will have the opportunity to learn from them as well.

And soon, you will be able to see presentations and interviews from members of our fantastic community.

Engage in discussions that further conversation & growth
Join discussion groups and private groups on a number of topics, geographic proximity and transformation goals. This is a global community based on what connects us all, living a life of generosity, gratitude, and prosperity.

Jump in and get involved...

You can walk the road alone, but it’s better to walk arm in arm with others – if you are going through a shift in perspective, surrounding yourself with others who have gone through, or are going through, that shift is an important part of the puzzle. 

We can jump to new heights alone, but we can be lifted higher when we are collaborators. Join the Arigato Living Community and get involved, participate in challenges, ask questions, and help others.

In the Arigato Living Community, you will:

• Release your limitations around money.

• Find the freedom that a Zen approach to money allows.

• Experience deep transformation in your relationship to money.

• Connect with other participants worldwide as we support each other each month.

Only $8.88 a month, 1st month for only $1!

My Personal Invitation...

Money is confusing to most people. It can bring out the best and the worst. But when it’s used as a fuel to change the world, money is at its absolute happiest. That all starts with you.

When I retired at 29 to help raise my daughter, I committed myself to leaving the world a better place for her and for all children. So I started writing and teaching what I had learned about money. I had no idea that I would become one of Japan’s bestselling personal development authors and teach hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

I am committed to creating a world where money brings joy, peace and freedom to as many people as possible. I know we can do it together.

I hope you will join me in the Arigato Living Community and create your peaceful financial future.
“Ken Honda’s wisdom, intellect, success, and achievement combined with his spirituality, love, and compassion make him the perfect person to bring forth this conversation about healing and happiness.”
–Lisa Nichols
New York Times bestselling author of Abundance Now