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A Conscious Vision Quest in Paradise!

A Conscious Vision Quest in Paradise!

with Ken Honda

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A Conscious Vision Quest in Paradise!
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Happy money is your doorway to a happy life

If money were a person, who would it be?
Would they be kind and gentle, like a welcomed friend? Or, would they be cold, mean, and unfriendly? Too many of us have a tense, anxious relationship with money and we are constantly inviting in this bad house guest.
Believe it or not, money CAN be happy. And not just happy, but friendly and smiley.
Look at the wonderful things money can do for us, from gaining education to giving a bouquet of flowers, to scientists finding funding life-saving research and medical developments, to the building of parks. Being able to purchase a car for transportation, food for celebrations, or even paying for electricity to keep the lights on and providing internet and cable that allow us to continue being productive well into the night.
The more we push it away, the more unhappy we become. With our money AND our life.
But we can change all that.

Ready to smile at your money and feel it smile right back?

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The truth is money can bring us absolute joy.

But, it can also bring unbelievable stress. And fear. And frustration. And unhappiness. Is it any wonder that we would unconsciously push money away when it brings us some many negative feelings?
The more we push money away, the more unhappy we become with our money AND our life.
But, we can change our relationship with money and open the channels to happiness.

A happy money mentor

I have been helping people create a new relationship with money for the past 25 years in Japan. I have been so incredibly blessed to have had some of the best mentors come into my life and share their wisdom with me, so I have vowed to continue the tradition of passing on the wisdom that has been entrusted to me.

My book, Happy Money, is the combined wisdom of many of my mentors as well as my own observations. By understanding the emotions that often unconsciously rule us around money we can break the unhealthy patterns that keep us trapped in a stressful and unhappy life.

In the past year I have begun to offer courses and attend events as a speaker in english so that the feeling and lessons of happy money can be shared and expanded around the world.
We can move into a place of gratitude and generosity and begin to heal the money wounds that have been with us from an early age.

Happy money is the door that invites us to a happy life.

Begin your journey with happy money

“Whatever happens, you can say thank you. Thank you are two most powerful words that will help you to start to transform your relationship with money.”

–Ken Honda

Money smiles

...and the world smiles back

Just like a happy life starts with happy money, a happy world starts with happy money.
If every one of us committed to creating a happy relationship with our money, can you imagine the ripple effects around the world?
All of us smiling at our money … smiling at our life … smiling at our world.

Arigato living

Money is even happier when it’s shared.

What started off as a small conversation in Japan has already reached millions. It is now spreading around the world bringing joy and freedom to money.

If you would like to join a global community of people healing money and changing our lives, please put your name and email below. You’ll find love, support and a whole new way of being in relationship to money waiting for you.

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“Ken Honda’s wisdom, intellect, success, and achievement combined with his spirituality, love, and compassion make him the perfect person to bring forth this conversation about healing and happiness.”
–Lisa Nichols
New York Times bestselling author of Abundance Now