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A Lighthearted Approach

By Ken Honda | Published May 17, 2023

Modern society seems to tell people to “get serious” in order to be successful in the world. And while many of my students know that I do place value on taking actionable steps to reach their goals, I also highly suggest a spirit of play in the formula for success! In fact, I think enjoyment is a key ingredient for any successful project, and I think you might agree…

For example, we can see how this applies to a family gathering like a picnic. It is great if all the food items, utensils, and blanket were packed in the basket, but if there is no laughter or feelings of ease–then the meal is more like a failure than a success! Can you see how this effects your work as well? Your boss will always appreciate if your work gets done timely and is complete, but they will appreciate it even more if you actually enjoyed doing the task.

My message for today is to hopefully inspire you to bring lightheartedness to any of your current tasks, and watch how much more fulfilling they will be. The people around you will appreciate the energy you put in, and it will probably inspire them to share similar positive energy with you too!

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