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5 Mindset Tips to Help Achieve FIRE

By Ken Honda | Published May 23, 2023

Many people dream of achieving FIRE (Financial Independence, Retiring Early). When I was 29, I decided to take two weeks off to help my wife take care of our newborn. Those two weeks quickly turned into semi-retirement, as I began fully understanding the benefits of how this time off would positively affect my daughter and my relationship with her. This could not have been possible unless I had achieved financial independence for myself.

When people ask me about doing the same, I give them these five mindset tips – they’ll help pave the way to achieving FIRE for yourself!

1. Don’t Save Money Out of Anxiety

Many people save money because they are afraid of the future. But if you save money out of anxiety or fear, you will just create more blocks to the flow of money. If you are going to save, imagine the many fun ways to spend it. You’re now infusing your thoughts of money with appreciation, love, hope and positive energy, thus ensuring more will flow.

2. Be Ready to Lose Money First

I have interviewed thousands of millionaires all over the world, so I have a lot of data that confirms that you will lose money before attracting money. So don’t get discouraged by the first misfortune. Think of it instead as getting one step closer to success. For after losing some, you will start attracting money – if, of course, you maintain a positive attitude and are open to receiving future success.

3. Be Likable

People who love what they do are far more likely to be successful. They have more passion, go the extra mile for their clients, and serve more. They are more appreciated and respected by their clients and customers. In a word, they are likable. If you want to have a higher Money EQ, you need to love people. The more you care for others, the more you will receive.

4. Price Your Services Accordingly

I often get questions from freelance people about pricing. They often wonder what the right price for them is. What is interesting is that whatever price you set, you will get clients. If you price low, you’ll attract those who can pay those prices; if you price high, you’ll lose lower-paying customers but you’ll attract those who are willing to pay higher prices.

5. Learn to “Maro Up” 

I believe my success is a direct result of my mentor Wahei Takeda’s philosophy of saying arigato (thank you) consistently and applying his “maro up” philosophy to my own life and business. “Maro” is short for magokoro, which means “true or sincere heart” in Japanese. Wahei said achieving a state of maro is the key to success. Those who are in touch with maro create win-win situations for themselves and the people around them.

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