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Choosing Your Future

By Ken Honda | Published July 15, 2023

It’s up to each one of us to create the life we want to be living. This means that we all will have to (at some point), reject the things that we have accepted or inherited to line up with what we really do want!

Would you like to know a simple way to get this process of deciding going for you? I remind my students that some of our earliest memories while we were learning solely from our parents have a huge impact on us today, even 40 and 50 years later! So take a pen and paper and ask yourself, “What are the beliefs my parents passed on to me?” You may ask this question in regards to money, relationships, safety, career and so on…

The next step would be to feel the feelings that these beliefs bring up for you. If you don’t like a certain belief, then your purpose will be to start working to unwind that “law” that is now running your life! Try replacing any unwanted beliefs with positive more joyful statements, and repeat them to yourself daily.

Here are some of my favorite:
I live in abundance and joy.
Money comes to me easily.
I share my gifts easily and abundantly.

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