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Inside the Wooniverse: Happy Money with Ken Honda

By Colette Baron-Reid | Published July 4, 2023

Is your money happy? Is your money aligned with your values? When it comes to the energetics of money, did you know when money is circulated with love, care and friendship it can bring great joy and impact our well being while also uplifting others?

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with money and happiness expert Ken Honda. Ken is a best-selling self-development author in Japan and is the first person from Japan to be voted into the Transformational Leadership Council. In his latest best-seller, “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money”, Ken shares transformative and practical ways to bring more joy and fulfillment into our financial lives.

In this conversation we talk about the energetic nature of money, the importance of being at peace with your finances and how being grateful and giving back helps you cultivate even more abundance!


Listen to the episode here: 

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