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You Can Choose Your Future

By Ken Honda | Published May 20, 2022

Regardless of which culture and environment we grew up in, we are all facing the age old issue of aligning our minds to build a future that we are happy with.

Since childhood, there have been many influential moments shaping our adolescent minds and the adult minds that we inhabit now. This in turn effects the outlook we have on the value system and our place within it! Whether it was positive or negative, the constant tension between these two mindsets I believe is why we have the mixed outcome that we see in the world today!

If we were taught to find safety by staying small or puffing up to dominate the other, dropping these old programs is going to take some time. I truly believe it is a step by step process that comes by being gentle with ourselves and the money story we carried until now. As we all know by now, it is not so simple to just flip that switch and choose a better outlook to align us with Happy Money over night–the systems of our thoughts are much too smart for this to work.

Instead, challenge yourself to observe your thoughts throughout this next week and notice where any energy of resentment comes in. Any energy on the spectrum of fear becomes a barrier for our own creativity, productivity, upward mobility, and happiness–so let’s take note and put gratitude in its place since now we are beginning to notice and can finally make a change from here.


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