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Thrive Global: 3 Habits That Naturally Attract Wealth

By Ken Honda | Published on March 3, 2021

In every country and culture in the world, you will find two types of people: those who have great luck with money and those who don’t. In my many years of research and observations, I have found that people who attract money all have some things in common. The way they think about and relate to money is very different from those who don’t. Specifically, there are three habits people who naturally attract wealth have that I would encourage everyone to begin incorporating into your own daily routines.

Habit 1: Just Have Fun

First, people who attract wealth have the great habit of simply enjoying money, and they know it’s important to have fun spending and receiving it. People who have a joyful relationship with money have a much higher possibility of attracting wealth.

For those of us who feel like money is a stressful topic, having a joyful, fun relationship with money may sound difficult, but it simply means enjoying the way you earn it and spend it. Regardless of the unique form that might take for each person (for example, finding a job you love or not spending irresponsibly and feeling guilt afterwards, etc.), the important point is that people who approach money with a positive mindset more easily attract it to their side (and wallet).

Many of us tend to feel unworthy of money and have a stressful relationship with it, but it’s very important to realize these negative feelings and beliefs create walls that block money even more than external circumstances. To see money as something fun is a refreshing way to think about it (as opposed to seeing it as stressful, scarce, or even “evil”).

Habit 2: Care for Others

The second habit people have who attract wealth easily is they always maintain the mindset of making people happy. Those who are always considering, “If I did this, so-and-so would be very happy,” effortlessly attract more positive encounters and opportunities.

Many of us have a tendency to focus so hard on our own lives and problems that we don’t consider other people’s feelings or situations, especially if they’re not close friends or family. It’s an all-or-nothing attitude of “If they win, I lose,” but the truth is that caring about other people’s success and happiness doesn’t make yours suffer in the least. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Caring for others and having the genuinely good habit of coming up with ways to make people happy works so well because when someone does something nice for us, we naturally want to do something nice for them in return. Attracting more positive encounters and building better relationships is absolutely key to attracting more chances, opportunities, and of ultimately money into your life.

Habit 3: When Opportunity Knocks, Answer!

The third habit of people who attract wealth is that they do not let chance and opportunity slip away when it knocks on their door. Opportunities come into our lives in many different ways — from job offers, to chance meetings, and so on. But many people fail to notice that these opportunities “have their name on them,” and they let them pass by without taking any action at all. While you’re busy thinking about what to do, opportunity moves on to the next person’s door. If you open the door too late, it won’t be there anymore.

Timing is very important, so those who don’t hesitate when they hear the knock are the ones who receive the most opportunities and make the best of them. You have to trust your gut instinct when it says “Yes!” or “It’s time to move! Let’s go!” Don’t overthink things to the point you become immobile.

If you aren’t aware enough to realize a chance has come to you (i.e., so busy in your thoughts that you don’t even hear the knock or the doorbell), it’s very hard to succeed. Working hard and working smart are both important, but success does depend on chance encounters and good luck at times, as many past success stories have taught us. Therefore, it’s very important to brush up that skill of realizing when opportunity is waiting for you and being willing to take immediate action.

Personally, in order to understand how extremely successful people succeeded, I learned how they took advantage (or didn’t) of the opportunities that greeted them in life by reading biographies. Nowadays you can find detailed stories and articles about successful people on the internet easily, so I encourage you to take special notice of the opportunities those people did not let pass them by. Sometimes one seemingly insignificant chance opportunity changes everything in ways we never could have predicted.

Many success stories talk about how they were invited by someone to an event or gathering, and thanks to that lucky coincidence they met a person who changed their life by pure chance. This teaches us that when someone sends us an invitation, it could be to our benefit to say yes.

Many of us tend to think about whether it would cost money to join an event and turn down invitations on a whim because we’re afraid of meeting new people, or getting involved with something that might take up time and energy. When you consider the possibility that you might find a connection so valuable it’s priceless, however, the cost of a few parties or dinners is well worth it. These days, it’s naturally a little harder to meet people in person, but online relationships are just as important. When someone brings you an opportunity to connect with others, say yes if you’re able to safely participate.

Having a joyful relationship with money, thinking of ways to make people smile, and knowing how to take advantage of life-changing opportunities are the three habits that naturally lucky people have. The easiest way to raise your own ability to naturally attract wealth is by making these three habits part of your daily life as well.

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