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What Does Happy Look Like? 8 Characteristics of Happy, Prosperous People

By Ken Honda | Published March 28, 2024

Do all of the happy, prosperous people of the world have similar traits and attributes? Absolutely! It’s easy to spot who the happy, prosperous people are. The biggest telltale sign is that they are the ones who live life doing what they love.

What are eight common characteristics of happy, prosperous people? Let’s take a look…

1. Doing What You Love

Every happy, successful person I have ever met has one thing in common: they are full of joy. You can feel it as soon as you meet them. Why? Because they are doing what they love. Happy, prosperous people know doing something you dislike isn’t good for you.

2. Living Simply

Most people imagine rich people living extravagantly. The happy, prosperous people I have met don’t live that way. In fact, they live more simply and frugally than most ordinary people, and don’t waste a single penny on things that are frivolous or don’t benefit what is truly important to them.

3. Clear Perspective and Life Goals

If you sit down and have a long talk with a happy, prosperous person, you will see they have a clear philosophy in life. They firmly believe in living life by using their innate gifts to the fullest. They also take pauses to examine their goals and where they are going in life.

4. Loving Money and Business

This is not to say the rich are obsessed with money – to them, it is more like a game they play from the heart. They are always devising new ways to channel their money and gifts, creating surprising new things and having fresh ideas to please their customers or make life easier.

5. Balanced Emotions

Successful people know that unbalanced emotions can destroy businesses and homes. They don’t let the little things get to them; they keep their greed, ambitions, sexual desires and individuality in check; and they have a true sense of who they are.

6. Acting Decisive

Highly successful people make decisions very quickly. We are all born with this ability, but seem to lose it as we grow up. Many talented people will never start their own businesses, despite being bright and having a good business sense. The reason? They don’t act decisively.

7. Loving Your Work or Business

Happy, prosperous people love the work they do – whatever it is, they are crazy about it. Their life has a purpose, and they express that purpose through the work that they choose.

8. A Loving Partnership and Happy Home

Happy, prosperous people have loving relationships with their partners, where it never feels like only one person is doing all the work, and each is working toward the same goal. Their homes are full of laughter, and as a guest, you feel like part of the family.

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