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Zero Limits Living: Special Guest Ken Honda

By Dr. Joe Vitale | Published August 24, 2023

Join Dr. Joe Vitale for another great episode of Zero Limits Living! Dr. Joe is joined by Bestselling Author, Ken Honda. Ken is Author of the gobal hit “Happy Money”. Ken says, “Money is energy. It can be happy or unhappy. When you adjust your perspective on money you can see it as positive and negative flows based on the energy you have when receiving and spending your money. When you receive and spend well you generally have a happy life. Conversely, if you are always feeling tension or fear around spending and receiving, chances are you are holding that energy through most situations. Happy Money is your invitation to let the unhappy money go and begin bringing in happy money and a sense of freedom.”

Ken has impacted millions with his message, selling over 8 million books worldwide.

Watch the full interview below!


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