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Creating Trust and Transforming Your Wealth Mindset

By Ken Honda | Published June 5, 2023

This might sound strange to some of you, but each of us can live a life where we feel financially supported, cared for, mobile and independent. Our evolving relationship with money can be upgraded to this assuring and continually flowing reality if we create this new dynamic for ourselves! Not only does this remove the very lucky (but not often likely) need for a beneficiary or someone who “takes care of our bills,” but this also empowers us to be truly wealthy!

Here’s how I see this working out each day if we choose:

Rather than following the story that money is bad and needs to be grasped or spent only with reluctance, we can adopt the idea that it is in our lives for good reasons, and we’ll continue to pass it on for other good reasons. This trusting attitude is the main ticket to shifting away from a mindset of fear and lack and into a place of abundance and trust.

Think of money as the gift that it is, even when spending at corporations who give you something simple in return… A gracious feeling of Arigato (thank you in Japanese) after any financial exchange brings you closer to the trusting flow that we are looking for. There is more coming for you around the corner, I promise you!

Look for an opportunity to use money for good today (with trust and appreciation) and notice how the energy between you and money changes right away.

Regardless of any bad experiences with money in the past, you can learn to face any hard memories and create new ones with this idea in mind instead! Every new exchange that you make with this fresh perspective will effect the present and future for you and those around you!

Good luck!

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