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Moving On Podcast: Interview with Ken Honda

By Tracy Crossley | Published June 9, 2023

Discover the path to financial harmony and genuine happiness in this captivating podcast episode. Tracy sits down with Ken Honda, a revered money and happiness expert and best-selling author from Japan, to explore the transformative power of reshaping our relationship with money. Through heartfelt childhood anecdotes and personal experiences, Ken shares how his father’s wisdom molded his views on finance. He unveils the key to a fulfilling life: adopting a positive and grateful attitude towards money. Ken’s philosophy is centered around using money as a tool for happiness and fulfillment, rather than a source of stress and anxiety. He empowers listeners to prioritize self-fulfillment, finding joy in their own lives before extending generosity to others. In his vibrant community, “Arigato a Living Community,” individuals from 20 different countries gather monthly to explore the intertwined nature of money and happiness. Join Tracy in this insightful episode as Ken Honda guides you on a journey towards financial well-being and lasting contentment. Uncover the profound truth that money is not happiness itself but a means to unlock a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

“Money is a tool for happiness. It’s not happiness itself.”

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