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Less Fear, More Flow

By Ken Honda | Published June 14, 2023

Would you like to know know how to ride the waves of life with less fear and more optimism? I believe it’s possible for many of us to live this way! That’s why I always share my feelings about processing our past stories to create room for the future we always dreamed of.

Feeling brave and confident and ultimately successful has a lot to do with our perception of how life is treating us. If we feel happy about what we are seeing, then it’s easier to take risks and experience new things. If we feel like life is hard however, then we are more likely to shut down and close off our minds and our hearts! In this way, it is extremely hard for money to flow through us and a life of abundance becomes virtually out of reach.

Please take some time today to this about the current life you are living… Do you feel open or closed to goodness based on the past? If it’s time for an update to any of your stories, then doing the work of unraveling some past memories will create space for the new! I have plenty of free courses on my website to help you get started.

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