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A Positive Track

By Ken Honda | Published June 26, 2023

Getting in line with your higher potential has a lot to do with creating new healthy habits for yourself. Once you get clear on how you want to be spending your time, you can begin taking small steps to do those things more often. Many people run into trouble often because they don’t take the time to clarify their focus, so they waste a lot of energy! Our time and attention are one of our most important assets, so it is really important that we spend it wisely…

Can you think of some things you love that you want to spend more time doing?

I tell my students that it is wise to remember that those things you love will probably give you the most rewards, especially when they are balanced with clarity of purpose. It’s as if you are adding a superpower to whatever task you are undertaking! The value you bring from that place of joy is much more powerful than when you are doing mundane tasks that you don’t like very much. So let’s do more of what we love!

Life, of course, has many aspects that all require balance. We each have certain tasks that we need to take care of the meet even the minimum human standards of living like eating, drinking and caring for the bodies that carry us. But there are other levels of attention that we can offer to life that will make us better people to our families and the world at large!

My challenge to you today is to choose what you can do to light up your life today, that will positively affect those around you. Even the benefits from this one positive thing will help create a new track for you to explore and that is enough to create new positive momentum!

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