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Step-by-Step Creators

By Ken Honda | Published May 29, 2023

How often do you remember that you are a decision-making genius? Whether you are actively making choices or responding to another’s actions, you have so many choices to make each day to create your life step by step! Isn’t that a powerful perspective? This is a breakthrough point for many of my clients, and it can be exciting as people realize just how much power they have!

The trick to feeling empowered in our money-handling decisions lies in our ability to clear all the impressions from outside us. Whether these ideas came from society in general, our childhood caregivers, or a particular memory from the past, it’s time to loosen our grip on any unhelpful beliefs and be open to the endless possibilities that money has in store for us!

With the power of our choice backing us up, we can create a brand new money story that includes all of our personal favorite things. That could be money, free time, family, sincere friendships, and more. Start choosing the things that will help you to feel more abundant in all ways today!

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