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Unbroken Podcast: Healing Money Trauma

By Michael Unbroken | Published December 15, 2022

You may be wondering what trauma has to do with your personal finances, or you may already have some sense that these two things are connected, but you have not been able to explore the relationship between your own trauma and your personal finances. Financial trauma can happen to any of us. The key is recognizing it’s happening and being proactive about having a better relationship with money.

In this episode, I speak with Ken Honda. Ken was 29 when he first “retired” to welcome his newborn daughter in the world. At the time, he thought he was “done” with work. He had owned a successful consultant and accounting business, so successful it had allowed him to close up shop and spend his days with the apple of his eye. Little did he realize his “second” career, impacting millions by helping them heal their relationship with money, was about to begin.

Listen to the Unbroken Podcast episode with Ken Honda here!

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