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4 Mindset Hacks for Turning Your Passion Into Profit

By Ken Honda | Published October 11, 2022

We all have passions in life, and it’s possible to turn them into profitable careers. However, many who want to never do – and often, their hesitation stems from fear or self-doubt.

Working in your passion is truly the recipe for success. If you’ve never done so but secretly want to, consider that a fearful mindset might be holding you back. The following are four mindset hacks – they’ve helped me in my Happy Money journey, and will be sure to serve you as well!

1. Dump the Scarcity Mindset

We’ve been taught to believe in the scarcity mindset: that money is scarce, that there is not enough to go around, and that we have to get it before someone else does. We are so focused on the amount of money that we do or don’t have that it cuts off our potential for a great life. Why? Because if money is scarce, it would simply be too risky to take a leap and go for what we really want. Instead, try the Abundance Mindset. With the abundance mindset, you start seeing new possibilities, you become more creative, and you become more capable of responding to difficulties in life. You free yourself to create your own destiny.

2. Forgive Your Parents and Heal Your Money Wounds 

Our attitudes about money are mostly inherited from our parents. Unfortunately, many of these attitudes can be fear-based, such as “I need to work really hard in order to make money,” “My security is tied to how much money I have” or “Money is the root of all evil.” I call these beliefs “money wounds,” and they can unconsciously hamper our ability to make money doing what we love. Instead, sympathize with your parents’ situation and their humanity, and forgive them. When we make peace with the past, money wounds cease to be an obstacle to our present happiness, and money stops feeling like a mysterious, uncontrollable force.

3. Trust Life

Trust and fear cannot coexist. It is one or the other. Trust makes us more active, creative and free, whereas fear stifles our actions, betrays our intentions, and creates resentment. When we trust, we are free from expectations. Risk no longer feels like risk. When we trust, we know that everything that happens, positive or negative, will end up working out to support our lives in their own unique way. This is what frees us from the paralyzing anxiety of judging things in our lives as “good and bad.” That is why trusting people are more passionate and successful. When we trust, we are able to become our authentic selves.

4. Be Grateful and Response-able

It isn’t chance or something outside of you that gets you closer to the things that you want. Rather, it’s intentional gratitude. The people who express gratitude often and consistently for what they have are the people who end up taking responsibility for their own happiness. They have a heart that is always saying thank you. And so, when it comes time to act, they are responsible – or, as I like to think of it, response-able. They have the ability to respond. They can navigate through the times of suffering, and they can also really enjoy the good times. They are able to be honest with themselves and others because they aren’t hiding from anything. They do their jobs with sincerity because they are actually sincere. A person like that is destined to create opportunities in their life. It is just a matter of time and the way it happens.


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