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How Often Do You Play the Comparison Game?

By Ken Honda | Published September 30, 2022

What comes up for you when you think of another person in their flow and abundance? Are you easily excited and happy for them? If not, that’s okay because many people become confused when they look more deeply at their feelings around money. It seems very easy to fall into comparison and judge ourselves and our peers for what they appear to “have”, compared to us!

My advice for you today is to remember that there is more than enough for all of us… Enough resources, space, care and compassion to lift the whole world, if only our attention is focused on this! Breaking the myth of scarcity takes some focus but we begin doing it as soon as we start to notice it running (and ruining) our lives. Instead of operating out of fear, jealousy, and greed, we can move toward kindness, understanding, and generosity by remembering that this program of scarcity is not true!

This new sense of kindness is something that you must extend towards yourself as well as others. It is essential that you start letting yourself off the hook before you are able to ease your judgement on others.

Today, remind yourself that the laws of the universe are neutral and you can affect them with your beliefs… Start to envision a balanced and happy world and watch your greatest creations begin to come to life!

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