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Taking Steps Towards a New Reality

By Ken Honda | Published August 31, 2022

Let’s imagine the best future we can think of right now in the present moment. What does having your favorite car, plenty of free time and friends who love and support you feel like? Doesn’t the spirit of generosity feel nice?

So much of what I teach is about how to leave the outdated programs from the past, and welcome in a new experience that is filled with much more excitement. I have studied so many of my peers throughout the years and completely understand why it seems so hard to make a shift, because the first influences we had are really very strong! But today, if we start to pay attention to the program we have subscribed to, we can finally begin to take some steps that lead us into a new future.

Rather than feeling anxiety, fear or desperation when thinking about money, take some actions today to get into a mode of gratitude–Arigato in, and Arigato out. Just the thoughts themselves, focusing on something to be grateful for, will set you in motion towards a happier lighter experience. Try it out!

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