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The Balancing Act of Money

By Ken Honda | Published September 13, 2022

Throughout time, money has always been something of value. It’s been traded in exchange for goods or services, equated to someone’s wealth and status and is basically a tool that people use in this game of life! But just because it’s been used as a tool, does not mean it doesn’t have feelings and energy around it.

Think of the old family heirloom furniture, or the jewelry that’s gotten passed down for generations. These seemingly inanimate objects also have an energy, and can be leveraged just the same as money! What I want you to remember today however, is that the energy you contribute to them is what matters.

For example, let’s say you don’t have quite enough funds for a particular service or item, but your genuine desire for it is pure… The clerk or business owner will very likely take note of this and want to work a deal with you! Of course I am not suggesting that you constantly ask for favors when your finances are not really balanced, but the energy of give and take is what is important here!

Money was never meant to be difficult to attain or maintain. It appreciates being appreciated and when we are genuine with our feelings about it, it usually responds very well.

When we connect with the understanding that money is meant to move through us and be shared, we open up to a whole new relationship with it. Everything around us comes more into balance and we open up to new possibilities that we might not have considered before.

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