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Stacking Benjamins Podcast: Manifesting More “Happy Money” (with Ken Honda)

By Richie Rutter-Reese, Published June 5, 2019

How do you make all of your financial transactions happy? How do you introduce the idea of abundance into your life? Ken Honda believes that while money can’t make you happy, we DO attach lots of emotions to our financial transactions. Why don’t we actively manage our self talk around our money? That’s the question Ken asks and answers on today’s show. We’ll talk about gratitude, sharing, making more money, changing your mindset, and creating more Happy Money in your life.

Plus, in our headlines segment, stock market investors aren’t the only one worried about fees…the Justice Department is currently taking a look into the world of real estate and hidden realtor commissions. So, what does that mean to you? We’ll discuss how sneaky commissions impact the home buying process for both sellers and buyers. In our second headline, the IRS has announced a higher limit for HSA contributions in 2020. We’ll have you covered with everything you need to know by the end of today’s headlines segment.

Then, after a little break for Doug’s trivia, we’ll answer Cal’s voicemail call to the Haven Life Line. Cal’s planing on semi-retiring soon. He thinks he’ll use his 401k to subsidize his post 55 years. Is this a solid plan, or is there something he’s missing?

And during our letters segment we’ll tear open some mail from Adrian, who write’s in with a some questions about opening up a Roth IRA for kids. Is it true that minors can have an IRA once they earn income? Does that have to be through a W2, or does chore money work too?

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