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Self Helpful with Kevin Miller: Money & How To Feel Good About Working For & Exchanging It

By Kevin Miller | Published February 23, 2023

There was a time before money when we gathered, harvested, and produced what we needed. Or we took what we gathered, harvested, and produced and traded with someone else for something they had. It was an exchange. Today we gather, harvest, and produce a product or service that is sold for money. And we are given money. And we pay money for most all the product and services we need. Money is simply a unit of exchange. And yet it is anything. Anything but simple. And today many of us, most of us, have some negative feelings toward money. From irritation towards suicide, and most of us have negative feelings that keep a level of anxiety going and it’s eating away at us, little buy little and eroding our mental and physical health and our overall wellness and success.

My guest today is a self-help legend and celebrity in Japan where he’s sold nearly $9 million books about this topic. Ken Honda is the author of Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money. But it’s not money Ken is concerned about, it’s your happy soul. This is why he has most of his own country following him, and now is claiming hearts around the world, including now, America. He joined me via Zoom from near Tokyo and we just had a super sweet time together. So much so that he requested my book and will be endorsing it for the Japanese market. I think you’ll find a significant paradigm shift in your perspective on money and a new hope for feeling better about it. I did. Truly.

There are products and services we don’t want to spend money on. Such as, we don’t want to give $1,000 to a car mechanic to fix something that went wrong on our car. So we give the mechanic money with sad feelings. Sad energy. And the mechanics is on the receiving end of getting sad money. Would you like to change this perspective, as the customer and the mechanic?

Listen in to Ken Honda. He’s going to help. We start off addressing the common negative feelings many people have towards money, and turn it on its head. It’s not money we are upset with. It’s really the work we don’t like and aren’t proud of, that we are doing to earn money. It’s more about how we are earning our money than the money itself. I think you will be so stoked with this episode you’ll want to share it with everyone you know.

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