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Living a Life That You Love

By Ken Honda | Published February 20, 2023

I can usually tell when someone is happy in their relationship with money just by meeting them. If their view on life is happy and positive, they are likely living in a loving and peaceful relationship with their finances. On the other hand, if they seem to be struggling in life, chances are good that they are not doing well financially either.

Of course there are many factors that make up each individuals’ life… But how they choose to spend their time really matters! If a person is doing a job that they dislike for example, that will not necessarily help them become a person who lives “in a happy flow” with money. On the other hand, if they are doing what they love and make enough money doing it, the energy around their endeavors is going to be very positive and you’ll feel it!

I am so grateful to meet these kinds of people because they remind me of the gift that comes with living a life filled with passion and purpose. If you feel that you’re not yet living a life that you love, that’s okay! I am here to remind you to take ONE inspired action step at a time to move you closer to living your dream life. Ultimately, when you find yourself doing what you love, you can trust that the Happy Money flow will follow!

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