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Moving from Lack to Abundance

By Ken Honda

We are living in a world where the predominant relationship with money is based on the belief in scarcity. This means more people experience feelings of dissatisfaction and never truly feeling happy with their finances! The good news is that I feel with complete sincerity that this is not the only possibility available to us.

My mentors throughout the years have helped me to refocus my attention towards a world of infinite possibilities that empower me to create more of what brings me joy. To me, this looks like having more fiscal abundance to share with the world, having an abundance of free time to spend doing the things I love, and being more available for my family, peers and students.

When we pivot our attention and are in the flow by doing the things that we love, we attract more opportunities for the same. You could call this catching the wave or riding the momentum and I believe there are many good waves available to us in these modern times–even if that’s contrary to common beliefs! Take the opportunities to learn and grow that present themselves to you, whether it’s by learning a new skill or doing an activity with someone who inspires you.

Any small step in the direction of what you enjoy will help increase the energy available to you, to help you create the life of your dreams!

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