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Amplify Your Natural Gifts

By Ken Honda | Published December 12, 2022

Do you appreciate the work that you do? Maybe more simply–is there any aspect of the work that you currently do, that you love? This is a great point that I help my students focus on, because the parts of your life that you do enjoy, should be paid more attention to!

Let’s say for example that you and your partner do certain tasks together, like cleaning the house. If you naturally like putting away the dishes, you might be a great organizer! Or if you like folding the laundry, you could have a better sense for details where the other person might be better at doing something less tedious! It’s a wonderful thing when we can notice the small things that we like, and recognize that they are assets.

Notice these things in your life.

If at work you really enjoy greeting people when you walk into a space, you might have great people skills that could be amplified in other areas of your life! Look for opportunities to continue to exercise that skill/thing that you enjoy, and naturally you can grow that asset and find possibilities to experience it more in your life.

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