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Transforming our perspective here and Now

For many of us the concept of abundance is stirring in the background as we immerse ourselves in the holiday season. If we take a moment to tune into our feelings of gratitude, ask yourself, are they plenty or minimal? 

In order for abundance to flow naturally, we need to take time periodically to reflect on the times we did not have a good relationship with money.  This is not an overnight process as we know and it does take some time to undo years of money trauma. The good news is that we probably have a large list of things to be grateful for, and we can begin the balancing of our relationship with money right now by paying attention to it!

Go ahead and make a gratitude list for the holidays. You can write it down, or keep it in your head, record yourself saying it, or send yourself and email. Here are some questions to get you started:

Do you have a close friend that you are thankful for?

How about a roof over your head or a comfy sweater you love wearing?

Is there something colorful in your room right now that you love to look at?

Start small and before long I am sure you will be feeling great recognizing all of the great things you already have in your life.

For extra inspiration, think of all the children and families in third world countries with BRIGHT brilliant smiles singing and dancing. Do you think they have large bank accounts? It is very unlikely. What they must be tuning into is the happiness in their hearts that we also have access to in this very moment.

If this example has sparked some feeling in you that wants to give back to your communities, I promise you that these good feelings about gratitude are already bringing more abundance your way which you will soon be able to share with others.

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