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We All Want Our Money to Smile

By Ken Honda | Published November 16, 2022

No matter what your previous experience with money has been, I want to remind you that your future is not fixed! Whether you’ve had an easy time financially or had to learn some hard lessons, I know that the energy of money is neutral and will work with you to create a beautiful life if that is what you’re wanting.

Since everyone comes from a different perspective, we each have a different money story based on past impressions and experiences… Let’s say for example that your parents always worried about having enough money to pay the bills, your perspective might be one of worry when it comes to money and finances! And if there was never any fear around having enough? You might assume money is an ally or friend that is low-maintenance and easy to be around.

Take a moment today to simply check in and see how the money in your wallet feels to you. Does it seem happy, or sad? If it seems like it’s time to improve your relationship with money, your very first step is already complete because now you know that you are going to start making changes for the better!

Look for an opportunity to use money for good today and notice how the energy between you and money changes right away.

Even if you had bad experiences in the past, we can learn to face any hard memories and create new ones instead! This process of healing doesn’t usually happen overnight, but it affects every part of the present and future for you and those around you.

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