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The Wealth Elevator: 7 Money Arch-Types

By Lane Kawaoka | Published April 17, 2024

The discussion covers the mindset of money, happiness with one’s financial situation, and identifying money personality archetypes. Additionally, the speaker talks about examining family dynamics around money, especially when raising children. The conversation also touches on investment opportunities, including real estate ventures and alternative investment strategies outside the traditional avenues. Ken Honda shares insights on ‘Happy Money’ versus ‘unhappy money,’ stressing the importance of having a positive relationship with money and ways to achieve financial happiness. Furthermore, Ken discusses the impact of money personality types on family dynamics and personal relationships, offering advice on achieving financial freedom and the importance of enjoying life while managing finances. The video concludes with Ken introducing his upcoming book ‘True Wealth,’ which encapsulates life lessons through letters from a grandfather to his grandson, emphasizing the journey to finding true wealth beyond just financial success.

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