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Healthy Home Hacks Podcast: 6 Money Mindset Resolutions for 2024

By Healthy Home Hacks Podcast | Published February 15, 2024

Who wants more money this year? Silly question, right? We could all do more with more money in 2024, yes? But for the money to start rolling in, consider that you first may have to change your mindset around money.

Money can bring us absolute joy. But it can also bring unbelievable stress. And fear. And frustration. And unhappiness. Is it any wonder that we unconsciously push money away when it brings us negative feelings? But, the more we push money away, the more unhappy we become with our money and our lives. But we can change our relationship with money and open the channels to happiness.

Our guest, Ken Honda is Japan’s #1 bestselling personal development guru and author of Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money with book sales surpassing eight million copies.

Ken is here to help us break the unhealthy patterns that keep us trapped in a stressful and unhappy life and to discuss six money mindset resolutions for 2024.


1.    Why you should say these words when spending and receiving money

2.    Why you should appreciate what you currently have

3.    How to adopt an abundance mindset

4.    What trusting life has to do with abundance

5.    Steps to forgive and heal your money wounds

6.    How to discover, develop, and share your gifts

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