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The Perspectives Podcast: Happy Money!

By Dr. Susan Birne-Stone and Marco Ciappelli | Published March 11, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of the Perspectives podcast, hosted by Marco Ciappelli and Dr. Susan Birne-Stone. In this episode, they invite special guest Ken Honda to discuss the different perspectives of his new book Happy Money. The show takes a closer look at the various aspects of our lives, including technology, cybersecurity, relationships, personal experiences, books, life hacking, personal development, sociology, and psychology.

Ken Honda is an entrepreneur and author whose passion for writing began after his retirement at the age of 29. He is known for his books on happy money, a concept that involves giving and receiving freely, and he has sold over 9 million copies of his books globally. In this episode, Ken shares his inspiring journey of self-publishing and how he gave away 2.3 million copies of his gift booklets for free, costing him around 2.5 to 3 million US dollars. His story is a testament to the principle of free giving and free receiving, which he believes is a universal law that works.

Ken also emphasizes the importance of our relationship with money, which he believes touches every aspect of our lives, including our relationships with family, work, and our peace of mind. He asserts that having a positive relationship with money can transform our lives and lead to happiness and financial stability. Ken shares his approach to happy money and how it has helped millions of people worldwide.

Listeners are invited to tune in to this exciting first episode and join the discussion on the perspectives of happy money. The hosts encourage listeners to share their thoughts and subscribe to the Perspectives podcast for more insightful conversations about various aspects of life.

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