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Start Living from Love Not Fear

By Ken Honda | Published May 26, 2021

When money is flowing in a healthy way, it comes in and out of your life with ease and you never have to live in fear that it will run out because it flows in infinitely as if from a natural well or hot springs.

We often block the flow with our negative money beliefs, obstructing the flow and then claiming that there is no water there anymore.

“There’s barely enough to make ends meet.”
“I’m just destined to be poor forever.”
“Money is the root of all evil.”

We each pick up these thoughts and words and believe them to be true, but in fact it’s only one side of the coin. The law of the universe will show you more evidence of what you believe to be true, so why should we insist on believing only the negative?

“I am blessed with abundance whenever I need it.”
“My family always has enough.”
“Money comes to me in surprising ways.

Like water, when our beliefs are too stuck and unhappy, the flow of money can easily freeze. You might believe that the world is a cold place, and the natural flow of abundance will feel absent.

When your beliefs begin to warm up, the ice melts and the flow returns to a healthy state. People in a true state of abundance are so warm that their money is so much like water that it can evaporate into the air. That doesn’t mean the money disappears – quite the opposite. It’s SO abundant that you breathe it in and out and never even have to think about it as you go about your day. You never have to worry that your neighbor is trying to steal a whiff of your air. You don’t care because you know there’s enough for everyone and if someone is in need, the act of sharing doesn’t make you have any less, in the truest sense.

This year I hope that for everyone living in an icy world of money that you begin to warm up and see a healthy flow that you can trust.

For everyone in a world where money is flowing like water, I hope that the flow increases in happy and healthy ways, bringing to you knew streams of abundance and that you get to the place where you feel so abundant that your money is like air.

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