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The Natural Law of Money… is Movement!

When we are in the flow of Happy Money, we know that life and its resources are meant to be shared. Sharing your joy with people and offering your skills should be an invigorating experience that infuses yourself and others with a positive charge! We all have extra energy running through us, so make it available to others and share it.

Sharing should be part of every aspect of your life—whether you’re offering joy, money, services, your gifts or talents matters very little. It just matters that you do it! Even if it is only a smile, that smile could be so meaningful and will open up doors to a positive flow for all. 

The principle of sharing is connected to natural law, and when we understand that money is meant to move like water, we know that it’s meant to be shared and not stay stagnant in one place. We bring balance to the whole world when we tune in and contribute to this flow.


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