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The James Granström Podcast: Happy Money with Ken Honda

By James Granström | Published January 18, 2024

Have you ever felt that your wallet is more than just a place to store cash, but it’s actually a reflection of your relationship with money?

Ken Honda bestselling author, brings to us an  enriching conversation about his principle called ‘Happy Money’—which is a transformative concept that can turn every financial transaction into a moment of joy.

“Happy Money is just a refection of your good relationship with money.”
-Ken Honda

We discuss how reshaping your relationship with money has the potential to improve not just your bank accounts, but also your work, family dynamics, and overall well-being.

You will learn how you can transform your financial narrative through the power of gratitude, with a  simple yet profound practice that can usher in abundance and success. Ken share’s a captivating tale of a single mother who harnessed appreciation to revolutionize her career to reveal how these principles of thankfulness, including ho’oponopono and arigato  amplified  success in her personal and professional life.

My conversation with Ken culminates in exploring what he learnt from his mentor the Japanese Warren Buffett’ Wahei Takeda about how even smallest acts of kindness can create ripples of positivity in your financial and personal spheres.

Join us for an episode brimming with heartfelt stories and actionable insights that will inspire you to embrace a more contented, respectful, and prosperous approach to your money and life.

Tune and tap in.💫

Watch the interview here!

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