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Standard Digital: How to be a happy millionaire

Steve Mbego 
August 14th, 2019

Money can bring us joy, but it can also bring us worry.

Most people think that earning more money would make them happier, but that’s not always the case. It could come with new fear, stress, anger, break apart your relationship and even ruin your life.A book by Japanese Zen millionaire Ken Honda, Happy Money, teaches people how to achieve peace of mind when the money comes.The first lesson from Honda is that you should be contented with what you have even as you look for more money.

“Even all the money in the world doesn’t prevent people from worrying about money,” he says.He says you should appreciate what you have, as well as the flow of money as it comes in and goes out.Honda says making money as a happy millionaire would mean doing the things you love to do and sharing that gift or talent with others. You will live a miserable life doing things that you hate even if it brings you millions.When it comes to creating wealth, Honda advises that you to take your time. “People who become wealthy slowly and deliberately over time tend to keep the money for a long time as well.”He says you should avoid sad money which usually comes with some negative emotion such as frustration, anger, sadness and despair. Sources of sad money include earning a salary from a job you despise or getting alimony after a bitter divorce.

Finally, according to Honda, any money that’s spent with love, care or friendship is happy money. You should, therefore, give back to the community or make those around you happy.

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