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School for Startups Radio: Interview with Ken Honda

By Jim Beach | Published Septemebr 5, 2019

Ken Honda – Best-selling Self-development Author of Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money

Happy money is money that makes you smile when you
receive it and gives you joy when you spend it. So when
you feel joy, happiness, appreciation and gratitude,
that’s a healthy relationship with money.

Ken Honda

Ken Honda

Ken Honda’s successful accounting and consulting firm allowed him to retire at 29, when he planned on being a full-time dad to his newborn little girl. But observing other parents and their struggles with money made him understand the need to work again, this time as a guide and mentor to help others attain the peace with their finances that he’d found in his own life. He wrote the book Happy Money to inform people about the keys to financial happiness, and to help people gain a positive relationship with money for themselves. He observed that people who had a negative relationship with money, unhappy money, lived unhappy lives. Ken didn’t want that for anyone, and so he works to teach others how to have happy money, and thus happy lives, by viewing money as a welcome guest that enters and leaves our lives, rather than as an item to be coveted. Ken Honda is now a bestselling self-development author in Japan, having sold over seven million copies of his books. He has been featured on the Entrepreneurs’ Organization blog and Afford Anything Podcast.


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