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No Matter ‘Where You Are’ on Your Journey to Abundance

By Ken Honda | Published February 12, 2022

I trust that this new year is bringing you lots of new insights with all the different emotions and lessons that come along with it. Some days (I hope) are filled with inspiration and excitement about a new or shared idea and others a feeling of stuckness might be so persistent that it seems hard to get focused on your goals or the simple tasks at all! I want to remind you that life is like a wheel and there is always a new beginning right around the corner. 

Of course, we would all like to have the good feelings all of the time, but when we practice focusing our attention on the good things, we will likely reconnect with the energy of gratitude which changes everything for good. 

For example, let’s say we are having one of those really heavy days where we can’t seem to find the motivation for much of anything. Could we stop and find something to be grateful for within that experience? Is the room we are sitting in warm and do I have access to clean drinking water? If so, we already have success and something to focus our gratitude on! From there, we can begin to get the wheels turning towards appreciation and maybe we can then find the next thing to give thanks for, and then the next.

Wherever you are in your process, never forget that the practice of Arigato In, and Arigato Out is so powerful and it is your great friend in balancing your relationship to Happy Money and abundance.

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