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Motherhood Moment: Decisions and Intuition, an Interview with Ken Honda

By Motherhood Moment | Published May 8, 2024

Ask some of the world’s most successful people, “What is necessary for success?” and the answers will usually be along the lines of Making decisions, using intuition, and taking action!

But what about tips for mastering these three disciplines from the lens of manifesting wealth, increasing abundance, and achieving one’s wildest dreams, by one of the world’s leading authorities?

Ken Honda, Japan’s #1 personal development guru and author of international bestseller, Happy Money, is available to discuss making decisions, using intuition, and taking action, as talked about in his latest book True Wealth: 9 Lessons From a Grandfather on Happiness and Abundance.

Ken’s story of a grandfather and his grandson became so popular in Japan, that True Wealth, the english translation, was picked up by major self-development and spiritual book publisher Hay House!

“In True Wealth, we are introduced to Kei, whose millionaire grandfather has left him an inheritance of nine letters, each containing nine valuable lessons,” says Ken. “Three of these lessons are about making decisions (LETTER 2: Decision), using your intuition (LETTER 3: Intuition), and taking action (LETTER 4: Action)Why were these three lessons so important? Because they are inexorably linked, and therefore incredibly important for those who want to be successful in life to master!”

I had a chance to learn more in this interview.

Why can it be harmful to put off big decisions?

I think not making decisions is already a huge decision. When it comes to so many decisions, such as whether to start your own business, start investing, find a life partner, or even when you will start searching for your true calling, we tend to want to put these things off. But the hidden cost of putting off decisions like that is not being able to enjoy your life as much as you could have. We think that since our life is comfortable the way it is now, that it will always stay that way, we might lose something if we change, or we might fail (or many other excuses or worries). But what we are losing by choosing to keep our life as it is now is the chance to have a luxurious life of abundance. I’m not talking about material things like expensive cars and having a big house. To me, a luxurious, abundant life means having a partner and family you love, or living wherever you want in the world with the freedom to go anywhere or do anything. Sometimes if you’ve never had these things, you don’t even know what you’re missing.

At the same time, you don’t have to regret your choices, no matter which choice you make. Whichever choice you make will always be the right one. Sometimes you are just taking a detour to get where you will ultimately end up, but all good things will happen in divine timing.

Looking back on my life, sometimes it did take me a very long time to make a big decision. It took me ten years to make the decision to write books in English. It’s taken me five or more years to make other similar choices in my life, too. But those years were not wasted. To me, it was like I was charging up the battery, saving up my energy. Just try not to wait forever. Sometimes when you wait too long, you could ruin the battery and miss the opportunity you waited your whole life for.

Why should people use their intuition for big decisions, and how can they tap into it?

People should rely on their intuition to make big decisions because it doesn’t make sense to use rational mind for those things that matter most. There is a place inside you that knows what’s right for you. It is your inner voice, your higher self, or whatever you would like to call it. That is your intuition. You can easily communicate with it by asking it a question at any time. You can ask your gut feeling, “How do you feel about this decision I need to make?” and it will tell you. All you have to do is pay attention to how you feel. Which option makes you feel excited, expanded, and curious? Which option makes you feel drained, heavy, or flat? Sometimes it’s as simple as that. The rational choice is not always the best choice. Beautiful sparkling wrapping paper can often be deceiving, but your intuition will always guide you to receive the gift that’s perfect for you.

What is the most important decision a person can make?

I think the most important decision a person can make would be to do what you love or not. I think this is important because some people think it’s okay not to do what brings them joy. They settle for a life that’s boring, or sometimes even miserable, and so many people live like a zombie playing into the money game. Making the choice to do what you love is an incredibly powerful way to break out of that feeling of being lost or stuck.

This is why I always teach people to search once again for what brings them joy and lights them up. When they find this, and combine it with their natural gifts, it will ultimately lead them to their lifework and greater abundance, both financially and in terms of invisible assets, such as relationships, health, life experience, wisdom, and much more. It all starts with the simple act of curiosity about what life would be like if you spent more time doing what you love.

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