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Minimize Your Money Woes

By Ken Honda | Published July 18, 2022

Over the years, I have noticed that money mistakes are usually connected to emotions. As human beings, we are constantly riding different waves of feelings and this is actually a good thing because it helps us to know we are alive! But when it comes to making clear, good decisions related to money, it is always going to be best to come from a neutral centered place. 

When we understand that money is connected to a complex set of beliefs given to us by society and our past, we can loosen our grip on how things “need to be” and tune into what we actually want. The key to feeling empowered in our money decisions however, lies in our ability to clear all of the impressions from outside of us! 

Do you have any practices that help you to “hit the reset” button to become mindful in moments of unrest? Having some guiding principles to help you navigate big feelings really does help to minimize the money woes and maximize your experience of abundance. 

Tune into some of your favorite role models daily and see how they have found success. The inspiration we feel from others can carry us so far into the future, and help us to begin taking inspired action to create the future we want… Free from fear and filled with gratitude!


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