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Mind Love: Change Your Relationship with Money

By Melissa Monte | Published On March 7, 2023

What emotions come up when you think about money? What about when you think of your particular money situation?

Some people have a healthy relationship with money, understanding its value and using it as a tool to achieve their goals. They budget their money, save for the future, and use credit responsibly.

And other people, I’d say most people, have a negative relationship with money, viewing it as a source of stress or constantly striving for more without a clear plan on how to use it wisely. Which can lead to overspending, debt, and financial instability.

So how do we feel good about money when it’s a source of struggle?

That’s what we’re talking about today. Our guest is Ken Honda. He is a best-selling self-development author in Japan, with book sales surpassing seven million copies since 2001. His latest book is called “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money”

We Will Learn

  • How to uncover our personal meanings around money and why it’s important
  • The truth behind the myth of scarcity
  • How to transform your financial mindset even when it stresses you out

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