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An Open Horizon Awaits

By Ken Honda | Published March 25, 2022

Oftentimes in life, I remind myself of the simple foundations that keep me feeling vital and alive. The ease of a smile, or a long deep breath before going onto my next inspired task. Creating small habits to be coupled with our regular lives is a great way to engage and participate in the positive energy flow that sometimes we may be missing.

To me, a world of Happy Money looks like a world in which everyone is continually expressing a deep appreciation for the energy that flows through their lives. A willingness to give and receive, rather than a tight clutch on what we have, is what creates the conditions for Happy Money.

Are you able to find a few things that you are thankful for right now? Whether they are physical or just thoughts, tune into them now and watch the subtle shift that accompanies this action. 

The positive energy of gratitude works for us, and it invites more money (which was a naturally positive energy until it got crisscrossed with false beliefs) into our lives. I hope that you can take some simple measures in your daily life to lift your gaze towards expansion rather than contraction from the past! It’s the small steps that make the biggest impact. 



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