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Take Back Your Mind: Interview with Ken Honda

By Michael Bernard Beckwith | Published July 26, 2023

Join Dr. Michael Beckwith as he sits down with Zen Millionaire Ken Honda to discuss the journey to Happy Money!

Take Back Your Mind is designed to guide you to take back your mind from worry, doubt, and fear, and to embrace what is trying to emerge through you: a sense of success, creativity, and your real, authentic purpose! Join renowned evolutionary leader, speaker, meditation teacher, award-winning author, and founder and CEO of Agape International Spiritual Center, Michael B. Beckwith, as he answers your Life Questions, guides you in meditation, and speaks with individuals who are on the cutting edge of excellence in the areas of spirituality, health, life purpose, inner transformation, and much more and have forged a path in their own lives and played outside of the box in order to bring forth their gifts in the world to remind you that you have the same possibility within YOU!

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