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Creativity Boosts as You Align with Happy Money

By Ken Honda | Published March 29, 2023

Living in the flow of Happy Money increases our quality of life on every level. I’m sure everyone has day-dreamed about the great things they could do if they didn’t have to spend time worrying about money…

I am living proof that when a person gets past the money wounds that have held them back, the world will open up completely to whatever your next best idea is. Essentially, your creative energy soars!

While I don’t mean that every single thing will go your way once you lift up your mind and emotions to include a story of happiness around money, I do know that life will immediately become lighter! There will be a feeling of trust that accompanies more of your thoughts, and synchronicities begin to become a part of your every day life. You might feel a surge of energy become available to you to take action on something that inspires you. I have watched it happen over and over again to my peers and students, and I know the same is possible for you.

My challenge to help you get started: Find one thing in your day today that you appreciate, and practice sending the energy of gratitude or “Arigato” to it. You may feel a warmth or a silliness about doing this exercise, but either way it works, trust me! The key is to notice the good energy that already exists in your life, and you will begin to grow it and attract more in no time.

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