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Trusting Ourselves, and Life!

By Ken Honda | Published April 28, 2022

Walking through life with predominant feelings of trust is a major part of a happy state of being. Once we can truly trust in ourselves and in those around us, life gets much much easier.  The everyday anxieties about the future begin to fade away and we have all the more power to create great things from a state of abundance and gratitude. Simply, we become more free to share and receive the gifts that Happy Money can offer us!

With less fear about what might happen in the future, we are able to navigate life with a more relaxed attitude which affects everything around us in a positive way.  Remember, trust and fear cannot coexist and usually our greatest fears are founded on false beliefs from the past.

If you feel to, take a moment now to write down a fresh and positive belief about yourself that will help you to trust yourself more fully. 

It’s good to remember that on a subtle level, we get to choose in each moment which energy we want to surround ourselves in. We are meant to experience the world as an abundant place and contribute to the great momentum of good that is available through sharing. Let’s activate creativity by tuning into trust rather than lack based on any fear or doubt from the past!


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