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The School of Greatness: 5 Signs You Will Become Rich Masterclass

By Lewis Howes | Published December 7, 2022

In this episode, Bob Proctor, entrepreneur and best-selling author, explains how to reframe our mindset in order to manifest more money and offers various strategies to increase our income. Joe Dispenza, researcher and best-selling author, describes how we can break away from ineffective dynamics with money and create a new relationship that reflects fulfillment and attracts more success. Kyle Cease, actor, comedian and speaker, breaks down the ways in which money comes to those who have already found abundance within themselves and shares how we can become more conscious of money and create new ways of finding it. Jaspreet Singh, finance creator, investor, and entrepreneur, explains why the psychology that goes into investing and making money is just as important as the actual processes of investing itself. Additionally he shares his journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Ken Honda, entrepreneur and author, describes the essential aspect of gratitude and appreciation in the exchange of money and services and how complaining about money.


  • How to start orienting your mind to begin creating new sources of income.
  • How to shift our mindset and cultivate emotions that will attract more money.
  • How to embark on a fulfilling relationship with money and begin to create abundance in your life.
  • How to find the source of where money comes from and where we can create more.
  • How to be more conscious with and about money.
  • Plus much more…

Listen to the full Masterclass here. Ken Honda’s coverage begins at 55:10:

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