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The Ripple Effect

It is helpful periodically to notice how our actions affect others. Seeing how our action (or inaction) is like a droplet that hits the surface of a pond, we can track the impact that it has on the world around us! 

If sometimes money “drips” into our life, we may appreciate it, and also when we give money to others, it likely affects them positively as well. 

From this, we can see that money is a resource and what we do with it has consequences.

Is your money pool more like a calm pond or a running river? 

In what ways do you create ripples in your financial life?

How does it makes you feel–Happy? Stressed? Burdened?

Wherever you stand at this moment with your relationship to money, know that it is temporary since money moves like water. If you know there is room to improve your experience of money and how it affects your life and the lives of others, that is a great thing! Because now you can start to create more positive memories with it just by acknowledging your current state. Think about what changes you want to see in your financial body of water and begin to all create waves of Happy Money more each day!


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