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Inspiring Explorers: Japanese Art of Attracting Happy Money

By Inspiring Explorers| Published May 14, 2023

For this episode of inspiring explorers, we have an inspiring explorer who retired at the age of just 29, and wrote more than 120 books on the topics of personal finance, happiness, and self-help, Ken Honda. Ken Honda often famous as Money Guru, Money Healer and the Zen Billionaire is Japan’s best-selling self-development author, with book sales surpassing almost 9 million+ copies worldwide, and also teaches about Money in Mindvalley.

Some of his most popular titles include “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money”. As a young boy, Ken discovered – the hard way – just how much of an impact money can have on our lives. Even as a child, Ken was noticing the difference between happy money and unhappy money and hence Ken became determined to understand why something as ubiquitous as money could deeply influence our behavior. Ken would go on to build multiple successful businesses and achieve ultimate financial freedom at just 29. But his fascination with our relationship with money persisted. After surveying over 12,000 self-made millionaires in Japan while being mentored by the late Wahei Takeda (famous as the ‘Warren Buffet of Japan’), he began noticing a common pattern among the richest, happiest, and most fulfilled people.

And one fine day after a small incident in a park, Ken decided to impact millions by helping them heal their relationship with money. His writings bridge the topics of finance and self-help, focusing on creating and generating personal wealth and happiness through deeper self-honesty. Ken provides ongoing support through mentoring programs, business seminars, therapeutic workshops, and correspondence courses.

So tune in to this epic self-help episode of Inspiring Explores where we’ll decode more of Ken’s journey as well as let’s learn something new about money.

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