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By | Published September 22, 2021

Be a #Givefluencer This Holiday Season to Experience the Benefits of “Happy Money”

Many of us think of money as our enemy ” the lack of it preventing us from achieving happiness and letting go of anxiety. Money absolutely has the potential to bring us joy, gratitude, and happiness, but it’s not quite that simple. When we learn to accept and give money away freely, with the same positive energy, we open up our access to the “Happy Money” flow. Say “thank you” for the money that goes out, as much as you do for money that comes in, or ” as Ken says ” “arigato.”

Money that is spent and received with love, care, and friendship is “Happy Money.”

Giving to others during the holidays creates a flow of Happy Money in our lives that extends far beyond the impact of a specific gift or donation, bringing joy to both the recipients and ourselves.

6 Ways to Give That Create a Happy Money Flow

Ken’s tips for giving during the holidays include:

  • Boost Businesses You Believe In ” This holiday season, make a financial investment in a budding entrepreneur, or take half an hour to write glowing online reviews for businesses and organizations that benefit your community. Your generosity towards others will not only help them, and make you feel good, but it will create a Happy Money flow that will lead to more abundance in your life.
  • Donate Money ” “Donating money to charity is a great way to feel the flow of Happy Money,” says Ken. “You don’t have to send a fortune; just a dollar can make a difference and make you feel good. Donating money to charity sends your brain and all the energy around you the message that you have more than enough. You have abundance, so you don’t have to be afraid. Find a group or a charity that is meaningful to you and is in alignment with what you believe.”
  • Pay More Than You Are Asked ” Whether you are paying your babysitter, your assistant, or a repair person, pay them more than they ask for. This is a wonderful way to create a Happy Money flow any time of year, but especially during the holiday season. “This surprises a lot of people,” says Ken. “They say they have never received more money than they asked for in their entire careers.”
  • Give Money to Your Friends ” “The money given to loved ones is always Happy Money,” says Ken. You may have a friend who can’t afford life’s essentials, or perhaps you know someone who would be able to pursue their dreams with some financial support. The holidays are a great time to offer the gift of money. By enabling our friends to achieve their wishes and dreams, we serve them and those they are serving, while inviting more abundance into our own lives, too.
  • Send a Gift or Card to Your Clients or Your Boss ” “We often forget how miraculous it is to keep getting money from clients or bosses,” Says Ken. “They could choose other people to give money to, but they found and chose you.” Ken recommends sending your deepest appreciation to your clients or boss with a card or a gift. You will feel joyful expressing your thanks, and may see professional growth in the future because of your gesture. “When there is an opportunity, they are likely to give it to you because you are the first to come to mind.”
  • Send Gifts to Your Friends ” “Sending gifts to your friends is a fun way to spend money,” says Ken. “In our house there is a closet for gifts. When we shop, we mostly shop for our friends.” By creating a space in your home to store gifts purchased throughout the year, you can avoid spending a lot of money all at once when the holidays grow near. “You don’t have to buy expensive gifts. Just a small box of herbal tea is a great gift. Buying gifts for others makes them happy, and it makes you happy.”

Giving to charities and individuals during the holiday season doesn’t just benefit recipients. By giving, we create a flow that brings joy and abundance to ourselves, too. Whether we can only give a very small gift, or we spend large amounts, the act of giving is for everyone.


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