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eBella Magazine: Warming to Life’s Monetary Ebb and Flow

By Ken Honda | Published March 15, 2022

A recent study reveals that money is the No. 1 cause of stress for Americans.

Some people work multiple jobs to provide for the family, which can result in an unhappy family life. Others live paycheck to paycheck, worrying if they’ll make do until the next direct deposit. These people are looking at money from a scarcity mindset instead of a state of abundance.

We manifest what we believe, but most of us aren’t aware of our negative and subconscious views of money. We’ve believed and operated for years with these blueprints of our minds, passed down from generation to generation, reinforcing a mindset of scarcity.

Take a moment to recall the ebb and flow of money in your life. Perhaps you remember a time when you had money in the bank and you felt safe and secure. Or perhaps there were times that, though you did have money, you spent more than you made and, consequently, felt like you were out of control or filled with dread and fear. Or maybe there were times when you had no money at all, and you felt lost or desperate.

Money comes and goes. There must be a flow — a balance. That is a natural law. As gravity controls the ebb and flow of the tides, our economy controls the ebb and flow of money. And just like we can’t control the whims of nature, we cannot intentionally control the flow of money.

Money can’t flow constantly toward us, but when it flows in, enjoy the feeling, and express gratitude. When you invest (or spend), release money with gratitude and appreciation, knowing that the release can bring just as much joy. Recognize that the natural law will take over, and money will eventually flow back.

“Happy Money” begins with gratitude. Instead of believing there is never enough, you begin thinking, “I have all that I need, and I am so grateful for it all.”

When money comes in, you say, “Thank you” or, as we say in Japan, “Arigato.”

When money leaves you, you can say it again, grateful for how the money served you or what it is bringing to you now.

“Happy money” is the pathway to a happy life, but it’s not a practice that comes naturally.

Still, trusting that money will arrive when you need it is freeing. It’s a feeling that you don’t need to be a millionaire to appreciate.

Regardless of your current financial situation, you can say “thank you” — two powerful words that will help you to start to transform your relationship with money. The more you do this, the less stress you’ll have, and the more happiness will flow through you and your money.


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